Aims and Scope


"Playing the role of an academic and theological media to produce and promote the results of theoretical and applied research in order to support knowledge, education and research in the field of textual and translation analysis in Islamic Studies".


  • Paving the ground for strengthening international languages and discourse in Islamic studies;
  • Explaining and strengthening the authority of Islamic texts studies in the scientific, social and academic arena;
  • Expanding communication, publishing and media capacity of Islamic studies in the global scope.


  • Reinforcement of conceptual foundations in Islamic terms;
  • Assessment of translational equivalents for Islamic terms;
  • Supporting translators and researchers in the field of Islamic studies;
  • Bringing topics in Islamic studies to translators’ attention;
  • Identification and publication of latest scientific methods for the translation of Islamic texts;
  • Construction of a network of translators, Islamic terminologists, and linguists for the development of text analysis in Islamic Studies in the international arena;
  • Developing a glossary for Islamic terms;
  • Facilitation of methods for the translation of Islamic texts in different languages.


The scope of TTAIS includes but not limited to the following topics:

  • Terminology of Islamic concepts;
  • Philology and its application in understanding and translating Islamic texts;
  • Analysis of Islamic terms and concepts;
  • Translation research in key Islamic texts such as the Holy Quran and Nahj ul-Balaaghah;
  • Genealogy and etymology of terms in Islamic discourse;
  • Pragmatics of Islamic discourse;
  • Knowledge management in Islamic discourse;
  • Corpus linguistics as regards the translation of texts in the area of Islamic studies;
  • Discourse analysis and Islamic studies;
  • Hermeneutics and translation of Islamic texts;
  • Evaluation of translational equivalents in Islamic studies;
  • Critique of translations of Islamic texts;
  • Investigating Interdisciplinary Islamic references and educational texts;
  • Discussion of translation procedures and strategies regarding Islamic terms;
  • Discussion of stylistics as regards the translation of Islamic texts;
  • Problem-solving strategies in producing equivalents in specialized Islamic texts;
  • Methodology of translating Islamic texts and terms;
  • Translation quality assessment in the area of Islamic studies;
  • Investigation into problems in the translation of Islamic discourse;
  • Discussion of cultural issues in the translation of Islamic texts.